An emotional “I’m Dreaming of Home” with actual photographs and footage from WW I



Powerful original Scottish Lament.played at Remembrance ceremonies around the world, “Lay me down” with powerful images of WW I & WW II


From the movie Passchendaele, “After the War” sung by Sarah Slean). A beautiful song of remembrance from the movie written and directed by Canadian Paul Gross, who was also co-writer of the song.   Scenes are actual WW I footage.

Danny Boy”, perhaps one of the most beautiful song ever written about loss. And probably one of the saddest.  A challenge to listen to and not shed tears. This version is sung by Canadian, John McDermott.



From Australia, in honour of the 50,00 that lost their lives at Gallipoli.- “And the band played Waltzing Matilda”




The classic Canadian song by Terry Kelly, “A Pittance of Time”